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Sketching for Textiles ONLINE COURSE

£70.00 - £100.00

Lesson release dates:12 - 23 Aug 2024
Continued access period: LIFETIME.

SYLLABUS: This course has been specifically designed for makers working with fabric and stitch (though the methods apply equally to any design process) who would like to improve their skills and confidence in sketching.
Students, professionals, and pleasure-seeking free-time stitchers will benefit from Tansy’s textile-oriented exercises in mark making, observational drawing (indoors and out), making visual notes during research and ideation, story boarding construction processes, exploring options for colour palettes, and presenting proposals to clients and collaborators (or simply as a record of intent for yourself).

FORMAT: a new session (ten in total) will be uploaded to a course page on my website every weekday at around 9am UK time (GMT or BST, depending on month) during the dates you select. Each daily session will include a learning objective, topic overview, contextual description, and video tutorial. In addition, two short bonus films, with briefs for weekend activities, will be shared on the two Friday afternoons. Once content is activated, it will remain accessible to you for the lifetime of the course. When I eventually decide to retire the course, I will email and give you four months notice of its removal. You therefore get the pace and rhythm of a real-time course, with the benefit of recorded content being replayable repeatedly anytime regardless of time zone or schedule.

ACCESS: I will email a link and password for the course page on the Friday before your course commences. Please be sure to type your email address correctly, so your access email doesn't go astray. If you haven't received your access link and password 48 hours before the course commences, please check your junk folder and/or email me at [email protected].

PRICING: The concessionary price is offered on an honesty-box basis. If your income is low, for whatever reason, please select concession. No explanation necessary.

- Large sketchbook – any size or shape, from 20cm/8” square upward, with white or off-white cartridge paper.
- Small (roughly hand-sized) sketchbook.
- Black and brown paper – a couple of sheets of each, either from sketchbooks or purchased loose from an art shop.
- Ruler, scissors, pencil sharpener, two foldback or bulldog clips, low tack masking tape, glue stick, and double-sided sticky tape.
- Black pens in at least two nib widths, such as a fineliner and a marker.
- White pen with opaque ink and a fine nib.
- Graphite pencils or sticks (2B or softer).
- A selection of coloured art media. This should include watercolour pencils, watercolour paint (pans or tubes), soft pastels, chalk markers, and gouache paint – at least 3 of each item, in what ever colours please you. There will be scope to use whatever else you enjoy using or have available.
- Paint brushes (fine to medium size with soft bristles for ink and watercolour).
- Dip pen (metal or bamboo).
- Black (or another dark colour) acrylic ink (like those made by Daler Rowney or Amsterdam…I’m sure many brands are available).
- Bleed-proof white paint (google it and you’ll probably find two brands – either are fine). If you can’t get hold of any, white gouache paint will be fine.
- Printed collage papers, such as scraps from old maps and book pages, used paper bags, envelopes, and tickets etc. In a range of sheens and opacities.
- An assortment of objects for printing with (bottle tops, corks, lolly sticks, small wooden blocks etc)
- Used cardboard boxes – a couple of smallish ones, the sort tea bags or stock cubes come in, and a medium-sized one made of brown corrugated card.
- Tracing paper or greaseproof/baking paper.
- Biro/ballpoint pen.

COPYRIGHT: all content is my own. Bookings are for single or household use only. Please do not reproduce or share any course product - passwords, text, images, downloadable content, videos - without my written permission.