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Games from the Tiny Green Caravan ONLINE COURSE

£70.00 - £100.00

Lesson release dates: *13 - 24 May 2024
Continued access period: LIFETIME.
*Late booking? No problem. You can sign up any time until 24 May and just catch up at your own pace.

SYLLABUS: Heavily inspired by Surrealism and Dada, this course will take you on ten magical journeys from, around, and within Tansy’s tiny green caravan.

If you’ve done one of Tansy’s courses before, you’ll know that she loves a game. Games usually come with a set of rules. This liberates the “player” (that’s you) from making decisions, but in a way that isn't too serious or static. Games are entertaining, and generally have unexpected results. They lead to fun adaptations and quirky ideas.

Through mapping, sequential observation, curating found objects, and following hidden and exposed lines in your environment, you will generate a series of unique responses to place and prompt.

FORMAT: a new session (ten in total) will be uploaded to a course page on my website every weekday at around 9am UK time (GMT or BST, depending on month) during the dates you select. Each daily session will include a learning objective, topic overview, contextual description, and video tutorial. In addition, two short bonus films, with briefs for weekend activities, will be shared on the two Friday afternoons. Once content is activated, it will remain accessible to you for the lifetime of the course. When I eventually decide to retire the course, I will email and give you four months notice of its removal. You therefore get the pace and rhythm of a real-time course, with the benefit of recorded content being replayable repeatedly anytime regardless of time zone or schedule.

ACCESS: I will email a link and password for the course page on the Friday before your course commences. Please be sure to type your email address correctly, so your access email doesn't go astray. If you haven't received your access link and password 48 hours before the course commences, please check your junk folder and/or email me at [email protected].

PRICING: The concessionary price is offered on an honesty-box basis. If your income is low, for whatever reason, please select concession. No explanation necessary.

- 52 roughly playing card-sized pieces of watercolour paper or heavy cartridge paper.
- Another 52, similar sized, cards. These need to be blank on one side, so could be cut from old greetings cards, postcards, cereal/tea/biscuit boxes etc.
- Another used food box, one that’s not been cut into cards.
- 2 printed street maps of the place you’ll be located during the course. Photocopies will be fine or prints from online maps. This exercise is very adaptable, so don’t worry too much about scale and accuracy.
- 2 dice.
- 6 marbles.
- 20 or so counters (or buttons, coins etc). They needn’t match, but it’s nice if they feel pleasing in your hand.
- 20 or so matchsticks or cocktail sticks.
- Craft (AKA X-acto) knife and steel ruler to cut against.
- Cutting mat (a smallish one is fine, mine is A4)
- Shallow rectangular tray with a lip, such as a drinks tray or a baking sheet.
- Masking tape and glue stick
- Bottle of ink (any colour, any type).
- Wax crayons or a candle.
- Large sketchbook (at least 20cm or 8” square).
- Loose sheets of cartridge (drawing) paper.
- Needle and thread.
- A small book, with printed pages, that you’re happy to adapt beyond recognition.
- Other printed papers you don’t mind cutting up, such as magazines, newspapers, old book pages, pamphlets, tickets, adverts, store catalogues etc. Items with a range of text, headings, photos, and illustrations would be great.
- Art materials for mark making and colouring.

COPYRIGHT: all content is my own. Bookings are for single or household use only. Please do not reproduce or share any course product - passwords, text, images, downloadable content, videos - without my written permission.