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Draw-Sleep-Draw - online course

£70.00 - £100.00

Lesson release dates: 9 - 20 Sep 2024
Continued access period: LIFETIME.

SYLLABUS: Drawing every day is one of those things, like exercise, good food and love, that makes life worth living. Until you are hooked, you can’t really appreciate it. This course, with two short morning tasks suggested each day, and a further two each evening, aims to get you into a lifetime sketchbook habit.

There is masses of evidence (I will expand on this within the course) supporting the idea that making time to draw (doodle, sketch…whatever) regularly is good for cognition, memory, mood, and stress levels. As well as that, daily drawing builds a personal resource of images, marks and ideas to be tapped into in other areas of your life, as and when the need arises.

Not everyone can linger in bed with a sketchbook on waking of course. Nor do we all have the energy to put pen to paper at midnight or rise at 5am. We all move through different phases of life…with families, jobs, biorhythms and so on dictating when a sketchbook can be accessed. The exercises in this course take account of the shifting patterns of life, but firmly hold onto the premise that ring-fencing time for regular daily drawing can be life changing.

FORMAT: a new session (14 in total) will be uploaded to a course page on my website every day at 9am GMT during the course. Each daily session will include four standalone drawing exercises (two that lean towards the beginning of the day and two designed for the end) demonstrated in a video, with written descriptions and occasional quotes. You therefore get the pace and rhythm of a real-time course, with the benefit of recorded content being replayable repeatedly anytime regardless of time zone or schedule. Once content is activated, it will remain accessible to you for the lifetime of the course. When I eventually decide to retire the course, I will email and give you four months notice of its removal.

ACCESS: I will email a link and password for the course page on the Friday before your course commences. Please be sure to type your email address correctly, so your access email doesn't go astray. If you haven't received your access link and password 48 hours before the course commences, please check your junk folder and/or email me at [email protected].

PRICING: The concessionary price is offered on an honesty-box basis. If your income is low, for whatever reason, please select concession. No explanation necessary.

MATERIALS: a sketchbook you are comfortable working in on your lap and a selection of pens and pencils.

COPYRIGHT: all content is my own. Bookings are for single or household use only. Please do not reproduce or share any course product - passwords, text, images, downloadable content, videos - without my written permission.