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Mixed Media Thumbnail Sketching ONLINE COURSE

Mixed Media Thumbnail Sketching ONLINE COURSE
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DATES: 2-15 August 2021 (this is the last run of this course)

FORMAT: a class (ten in total) will be uploaded each weekday at 9am GMT during the course and will remain accessible to you for four months. You therefore get the pace and rhythm of a real-time course, with the benefit of recorded content being replayable repeatedly anytime day or night. Daily content will consist of topic overview, learning objective, demonstration video. Plus access to materials document, book/viewfinder making tutorials, image boards, glossary and reference list. In addition, bonus videos and briefs for two weekend projects (bringing together each week's learning) will be shared on the two Friday afternoons. You will have the opportunity (if you like) to join a private Facebook Group (already a vibrant community) which Tansy will monitor and contribute to, providing supportive and constructive comments. Tansy will also be available for help and advice via email during the course.

ACCESS: a couple of weeks before the course commences, you will receive access instructions and a password via email. Introductory content will be available at that point, setting the scene and giving some background to the viewfinder/thumbnail sketching method. Plus information regarding materials (not especially complicated, expensive or difficult to acquire) you will need to assemble before the course starts.

SYLLABUS: we will kick off with an exploration of drawing, painting and collage materials, and a range of predictable and novel mark making methods. This will be followed by experiments in combining marks and media, developing a visual vocabulary, and using a grid to make comparisons, and spot differences / similarities. We will consider the materiality of place, and look at ways of communicating mood, temperature, sound and other ephemeral factors. I will show you how to use viewfinders of all shapes and sizes to select and crop multiple compositions and record them in grids across a sketchbook spread. This technique will help you to work on many frames at once. Perfect for on-the-hoof sketching, when time is short; and for slow sketching where critical observation, annotation, and detail are the aim. The rhythm and momentum of the thumbnail method makes for a super-productive, immersive, time on site, generating a stash of scenes, abstractions, sensory information, notes, color pairings, lines and forms. These might be a stand-alone pleasure, or graphics to be referred to later as part of another creative process, or when you simply want the experience to be recalled in all its vibrancy.

NOTE: this course is suitable for all abilities and aspirations. I have taught these methods successfully to a wide range of participants, from IT professionals looking to relax; lapsed art school attendees rekindling the joy of making; many working artists and designers, and students (notably landscape architecture and high school art students). It is not essential to own a wooden viewfinder board (though I will certainly be helping you to use it, if you want to buy one or already have done so), as I will be showing you how to make simple cardboard alternatives.

PRICING: I would like anyone who wants to take the course to be able to do so. Iā€™m therefore offering a concessionary price on an honesty-box basis. If you need a reduction for whatever reason, no explanation necessary, please select Concession below.

COPYRIGHT: all content is my own. Bookings are for single or household use only.
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